01. Food in the area is [scarce], and the United Nations is pleading for aid.
02. Full-time, permanent jobs are increasingly [scarce] these days as companies hire more and more people on contract.
03. Money is [scarce], and the government is going to have to make some difficult decisions in order to bring the budget under control.
04. I [scarcely] knew the guy, and already he was asking to borrow money from me.
05. They had [scarcely] moved into their house when their new neighbors came by to introduce themselves, and invite them over for a barbecue.
06. [Scarcely] a day goes by without me thinking of my poor friend Akbar, who was killed in the war.
07. [Scarcely] a day goes by that I don't think of my dear, departed wife.
08. The [scarcity] of bread has made the cost go up considerably.
09. Disease is killing people daily due to the [scarcity] of clean water in the region.
10. Someone once suggested that time is the [scarcest] resource.
11. Apartments are really [scarce] in this city, so rents are very steep.
12. Maya Angelou once suggested that most plain girls are virtuous because of the [scarcity] of opportunity to be otherwise.
13. Water is so [scarce] in the arid regions of China that in the grasslands the people never take baths, and sometimes must wash their faces in yak's milk.
14. There is a serious [scarcity] of natural resources in many areas of the world.
15. Trees are extremely [scarce] in Iceland, which is mostly covered in grasses and shrubs.
16. In regions where rainfall is [scarce], and food is difficult to grow, the people of Tanzania have turned to raising cattle.
17. Once plentiful lions and antelope are now [scarce] in Burundi because the swelling population of humans and cows have driven them off the plains.
18. [Scarcely] 100 years old, the capital city of Djibouti is home to two-thirds of the African nation's population.
19. With human populations increasing, resources for Asian elephants are [scarce], and the numbers of these animals are diminishing.

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